Unweaving the machine (video)

HD 720p, 5min 36sec , video, found footage, hand drawn animation


This work is about the issue of speed and the problems that the increasing speed of industrial machinery causes globally . The video was created within the context of a series of other works which relate issues of industrialization, colonialism and the environment. The formal qualities of the video reference the movements of fabric as in the textile industry itself. The notion of speed and the possibility of going in a different direction become evident. The video is made with tweaked found footage, hand drawn animations and scenes that I filmed, scanned and photographed.

The works of all residents were installed at a former hospital and convent.

The customized cabinet built into the wall has three printed and hand sewn sweat cloths in them. The film scene depicts a person wiping off sweat with this cloth off his forehead. The cloth has the foreheads of different textile protagonists printed on them. Global warming and colonial issues become evident in this piece that relates them to Portugals cotton production.

In an assembly line like scene a number of industrial weaving machines are shown.

Animated scene at the end of the film shows a technical drawing of a machine that unweaves fabric, at this moment the film rewinds itself (is unwoven) instead of going into a regular loop.