Promises & Premises

4K drone film (unreleased), motivational speeches

Production during residency at Titanik Galleria Finland, 2017/2020

The promise of school is to educate and prepare for a good life. The promise of cinema is to enrich and inspire the viewer and to present life in all its facets.

In school, too, we are presented with prospects and the possibility that we will be able to achieve what we want to achieve, and so we have to make choices. Caught within our own personal storyline of promise and failure we can escape it at the movies by gaining insight into other realities. The enrichment of cinema and the twists and turns, the successes that are achieved in films, one desires them in one’s own life.  And one remembers one’s school days when the twists and turns were still a possibility and a promise of the future.

School is on the one hand a place of possibilities and on another hand also the site of their limitation. Movies are meant to enable us to forget the limits and constraints of life and perhaps to inspire positive change.

The motivational speeches gathered in our video usually stand at the turning point of a story, and we overlay them in our film with images of schools. The places where lives are put on track. We want to inspire thoughts about school, movies, life, promises, choices and transformation.

A film by Beatrice Schuett Moumdjian and Lars Preisser

Drone pilot & cinematography: Lars Preisser

Motivational speeches & sound: Beatrice Schuett Moumdjian

Trailer and film: