Disarming Duel

film 1080p


Here the 1971 film Duel by Steven Spielberg is reduced to the scenes with only the truck driving towards the viewer. The dramatic score is removed as well and we only hear the sound effects. The victim in the film in his red car is removed and suddenly the truck is not the villain anymore but aimlessly roams the highway. The story now becomes a different one. The truck, as it rushes trough the Californian landscape, might be seen as a symbol for capitalism and imperialism. In the artwork The Back of All the Trucks Passed While Driving from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, California, Sunday 20 January, 1963 by John Baldessari we see that the artists took his pictures of harmless trucks out of a red car, reminiscent of the car that is attacked by a truck 8 years later in Duel. In recent years trucks regained some notoriety for their capabilities as a weapon for attacks on civilians. The earliest of such cases happened just two years after Duel was released, the rampage of Olga Hepnarová in Prague 1973.


2018 Disarming Duel, PACT Zollverein, Essen, Germany
2018 Porschismus #12, C. Rockefeller Center for Contemporary Art, Dresden, Germany