Stills of the Last Wastelands

posters in public space

nGbK Kunst im Untergrund U-Bhf Berlin Alexanderplatz, 2018/ Project “Draussenstadt, Potsdamerstr., Berlin, 2021

As part of the nGbK (neue Gesellschaft bildender Kunst) project: Kunst im Untergrund 2018 at the subway station Berlin Alexanderplatz, I exhibited six 16mm film stills of my achival project Zeit der letzten Brachen. The six tiny negatives are now blown up to large poster formats. The motiv of the wasteland and the subtitles relate to the past and history of this city, a city that used to be full of wastelands since the end of WW2, a city which is now becoming something very different. A set of 10 different posters will be presented for 10 days around an actual wasteland on Potsdamerstr. this year.