Lars Preisser’s works repeatedly refer to an accelerated post-industrial age. In his works, he questions normative approaches in industry, economy and society and, through his works, creates different possibilities for alternative experiences, opportunities for a rethinking and for a different future. His projects are often the result of years of work and artistic research, resulting in concise formations of detailed drawings, animations, built machines that can be activated by the audience, woven textiles and other media. His choice of very specific materials and media often refer to a certain time or a certain technological development. The basis of each project is highly conceptual, leading to a specific choice of media, and there is always a level of play, humor and unique aesthetics in these settings as well. In this way, the resulting installations contextualize various contemporary issues ranging from gentrification, global warming, post-colonial contexts, hidden histories, lived experiences to industrial materials and technologies that he himself is connected to through his own ancestors and their industrial heritage.

Lars Preisser holds degrees in textile art (Bachelor of Visual Arts) from Otago Polytechnic School of Art (Aotearoa/ NZ) and in media art/ expanded cinema ( Diplom/ MA equivalent) from the Academy of Fine Art Leipzig (DE). He received grants and prizes for his work. He exhibited internationally at Blue Oyster Gallery Dunedin (NZ), Objectspace Auckland (NZ), Bauhaus Dessau (DE), nGbK Berlin (DE), Contextile 2022 contemporary textile art biennial (PT) among others.

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For my other work, a complete portfolio, in depth descriptions of my work and research or for studio visits feel free to contact me directly via Larsart(at)gmx.net or social media.