I am an interdisciplinary artist in textiles, film and drawing. My themes often related to my own biography. I experiment with the inherent capabilities and characteristics of different mediums and combine them in unforeseen ways. By working at their intersections I free myself from being caught in one medium’s tradition and create a new one instead. I value their individual traditions and limitations as well as the knowledge that they hold both individually and within their interference with others. In the subtext of my work I often reveal concrete personal relations and a multitude of perspectives. Recent themes include the disappearance of urban wastelands, gentrification and the role of art, industrialization and possibilities of a reversal or alternative machines, a slowing down , philosophies of time, repetition and change, relations of materials, companies and the families who make them. Coming from a family including wealthy industrialists (aviation & textile engineering) on one side and working class (mailman, secretary) on the other, I was always very much caught in between the stark contrast of those two worlds. These differences felt troubling and surreal to me and they became a heavy influence on my way of thinking, political stance, my perception and visual style.

Portfolio of selected work.

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