In my work I often reveal an immediate personal relation to local or global issues. For me there is a common ground linking the most diverse areas of conflict. Coming from a family of wealthy industrialists (aviation and textiles) on one side and workers on the other side, from early on I was very much caught in between the stark contrast of those two worlds. They always felt a bit troubling and surreal to me. From there stems a strong sense for injustice and in my work I often try to find solutions and some form of redemtion.

A recent project is based on the history of bulletproof textiles, the machines that weave them and the families ( i.e. my family) that make them. Another one thematizes the slow but steady dissapearance of urban wastelands in my hometown Berlin. And in an experimental animation/ homevideo various levels of gentrification become obvious while I revisit the apartment that I grew up in as a child and which later became a contemporary art gallery.

Factors like speed, time and change are reoccuring themes in my projects. I usually work on them for many years and produce a large number of works. I have been drawing since a child and later adopted weaving and film. From drawings and research, I develop installations consisting of textiles, machines that I invented, animations, film and other media. I aim for striking and expressive results rather than showing a lot of process and research material. I want to reach a broad and heterogeneous audience.

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