Early on I became very interested in using the inherent capabilities and characteristics of different mediums and in combining them in unforeseen ways. Weaving, drawing, film; every medium comes with its own mechanics and philosophy and by working at their intersections I feel that I can free myself from being caught in one medium’s tradition and create my own. I value the limitations of each medium as well as the knowledge they hold individually and within their interference. Drawing is the visualization of my thinking, weaving is ancient knowledge, a predecessor of all things digital and industrial. Film gives me various narrative options and it is a tool for recording all things that are real.

Coming from a line of wealthy industrialists (aviation engineering/ textile engineering) on one side and workers on the other, I was very much caught in between the stark contrast of those two worlds early on. That always felt troubling and surreal to me and it became a heavy influence on my way of thinking and my perception. In the subtext of many of my works I often reveal concrete personal relations and perspectives.