Famillionaire Matters

painted plywood, 16mm film (scan), drawings, hand-drawn animation, Kevlar spool, Gunpowder tin, Kevlar canvases on wooden construction

Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig, 2019

A company that makes gunpowder and then invents a bulletproof fibre and a different company that makes civil seaplanes, then WW2 bombers and then weaving machines become entangled. Their machines, their mansions and materials merge and seemingly surreal relations become evident. Silk curtains, rifles, pools, weaving machines, pencils and bombers are playing together in a famillionaire garden setting. The term famillionaire as Sigmund Freud used it in his book Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious, hints at my personal relation to the whole story being somehow affiliated to one of the companies/families.

#family #relations #materials #industrial #history #guilt #responsibility